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Transmission Failure

December 9, 2009

We are now actively encouraging our regular customers to overhaul their transmissions at 10000-12000hrs before risking expensive transmission failure.

Here is a picture of A30c transmission we overhauled recently at 12000hrs

Volvo A30c Transmission

This must be the epitome of impeccable timing, although the unit was functioning normally it was found to have severe damage to the pump.  The unit would probably have only lasted a few more service hours when certain expensive failure would have occurred. The customer was pleased he made the decision to overhaul when he did as he saved about £3500!!!

If your pump is getting to 10000hrs strict attention to detail is required on the inside of the oil strainers/filters, this will give an insight as to the true condition of the transmission

D7 Restoration

December 9, 2009

Our D7 is one of our proudest restorations, between carrying out repairs for customers and servicing our own fleet it took while before we could complete the project. It was a real labour of love, but as you can see from the video below it was worth the wait…

You can see more of our restoration work on our website.