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BTD20 Crawler Restoration – Week 1

January 26, 2010

We are currently restoring a BTD20 Crawler. We have decided to post a week by week diary of the restoration for fellow restoration enthusiasts…

Week 1!

After carrying out an inspection of the machine we have list of repairs that need to be carried out.

BTD20 Rear Sprocket

Rear sprocket to be replaced if or when we can find another

Oil on BTD20 Floor

Oil on floor, means trouble from gearbox / steering clutch
housing. Fairly big job to replace, but seals readily available.

BDT20 Drawbar

Wear on drawbar guide means some extensive re-building.

BDT20 Floor removed

Floor cover removed ready for gearbox rebuild.

BDT20 Strip Down

Another image of strip-down in preperation for re-paint.

BDT20 Near side track adjuster

Near-side track adjuster removed for seal repairs and
broken studs in front idler yoke ready to be removed with the 
assistance of heat.

BDT20 Floor removed

 another image of floor cover removed ready for gearbox top
to be separated.

Come back next week to see what progress we’ve made…

Featured Machine: New Holland E135SR

January 21, 2010

New and unused, if your looking for a short radius machine at a sensible price give us a call on 01777 709533.

The machine features 2.94mm stick, steel 700mm shoes and safety valves on boom and stick. For more information please visit our machine sales.

New Holland E135SR

Swedish Lorry Parts

January 19, 2010

We are now an appointed Swedish Lorry Parts stockist. We are able to supply all your off-road Volvo dump truck parts. SLP parts are renowned for their quality and are backed by the best factory warranty. We will also be adding online catalogues on to the Walker Plant website, we will update you as soon as these come available.

Engine Smoking Diagnosis

January 18, 2010

Engine smoking is usually an indicator of underlying problems. Early diagnosis of machine problems can help prevent catastrophic failure.

If your plant machinery is smoking here are the possible causes: –

Excess black smoke at full load:(hot, unburned fuel) • Dirty primary / secondary air cleaner• Operating in too high a gear• Overfueling• Overloading• Faulty turbocharger

Blue smoke:(oil consumption) • Hours on engine• Worn rings/liners• Worn turbocharger seals• Worn valve products

White Smoke:(steam: water in combustion chamber)(or start-up: unburned fuel) • Leaking head gasket• Cracked head and/or liners• Faulty injector• Incorrect starting procedure• Incorrect fuel injection timing• Low quality fuel

Visit our workshop page for more advice and early warning indicators.

Tractor Pulling

January 15, 2010

As it’s Friday… we decided to share something a bit more light hearted, so here a few pictures of tractor pulling that made us smile 🙂

Tractor Pulling

Tractor Pulling

Tractor Pulling

Featured Machine: Komatsu D65

January 14, 2010

We currently have available a Komatsu D65 EXL-15, year 2008.

The machine in excellent condition with full service history.  Has semi U blade and hydraulic tilt. For more information take a look at our machine sales.

Komatsu D65 Machine

Volvo A25 Required

January 13, 2010

We are looking for a Volvo A25 fitted with hook loader equipment. We will consider any size, age and condition. If you have a machine that fits the description please give us a call on 01777 709533

It’s snowing…

January 12, 2010

2010 started with most of  UK under a foot of snow, Walker Plant hasn’t been an exception! Our low loader has looked very picturesque covered in snow. So far the Walker Plant offices and workshop have remained open, surrounded by heaters we have been happily watching snow from the windows, safe in the knowledge that we have a fleet of excavators available if we do get snowed in!