BTD20 Crawler Restoration – Week 1

We are currently restoring a BTD20 Crawler. We have decided to post a week by week diary of the restoration for fellow restoration enthusiasts…

Week 1!

After carrying out an inspection of the machine we have list of repairs that need to be carried out.

BTD20 Rear Sprocket

Rear sprocket to be replaced if or when we can find another

Oil on BTD20 Floor

Oil on floor, means trouble from gearbox / steering clutch
housing. Fairly big job to replace, but seals readily available.

BDT20 Drawbar

Wear on drawbar guide means some extensive re-building.

BDT20 Floor removed

Floor cover removed ready for gearbox rebuild.

BDT20 Strip Down

Another image of strip-down in preperation for re-paint.

BDT20 Near side track adjuster

Near-side track adjuster removed for seal repairs and
broken studs in front idler yoke ready to be removed with the 
assistance of heat.

BDT20 Floor removed

 another image of floor cover removed ready for gearbox top
to be separated.

Come back next week to see what progress we’ve made…


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2 Responses to “BTD20 Crawler Restoration – Week 1”

  1. ivan Says:

    Hi, we have a btd20, Needing a new silencer muffler for it.. Can you make another like yours?
    Cheers Ivan

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