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International BTD20 Crawler Update

March 31, 2010

Well British Summer Time officially begun on Sunday and we have been taking advantage of the (short-lived) good weather and taking some time off. So we will be doing a combined week 9 and 10 diary for the BTD20 restoration next week!

International BTD20 Crawler Restoration – Week 8

March 23, 2010

Week 8 of the restoration and the BTD20 is starting to take shape. We think you’ll agree that we have done a very nice job with the gears and shafts!

BTD20 Gears and shafts

The gears and shafts are resting in their destination, but are still waiting the shimming-up process for pinion back-lash.

BTD20 Drive Sprocket Covers

Both drive sprocket covers have now been repaired after a struggle to remove them.

The restoration is coming together quickly now, and just in time for lovely spring weather! More to come next week!

Service Exchange-Units

March 18, 2010

We are constantly sourcing good condition service-exchange units for stock.

Here are some of the service exchange units we currently have available.

Volvo A30c Machine

Volvo A30c just returned from paint shop. Now fully refurbished and ready for sale.

Drop Box Castings

Drop-Box Castings blast cleaned and coated in primer.

Two A40 Wheel Hub Units

2 Volvo A40, rebuilt wheel hub units.

Drop Box Units

Rebuilt drop-box units receiving final coat of yellow paint.

For more information about our service-exchange units please contact our parts department on 01777 709533

Walker Plant Construction Equipment Parts

International BTD20 Crawler Restoration – Week 7

March 17, 2010

Week 7 of the restoration, not the most exciting part of the restoration, but every small gear and bearing counts if we want the finished machine to be perfect!

BTD20 Restoration

Not much interest, but proof that we have been doing something this week!!

BTD20 Gears and Bearings

A pallet-full of very healthy gears and bearings to be re-installed when bottom shaft returns from having its gears press-fitted.

As I write there are two engineers in the workshop working on the BTD20  right now! So hopefully week 8 will be much more exciting!

Volvo A30 D Transmission Repair

March 10, 2010

Restoration is only a very small part of what we do! And as promised we are going to share some of the other projects we a currently working on…

This week we have been re-building an automatic transmission for Clifford Watts Ltd of East Yorkshire.

Truck being prepared for removal of transmission.

Volvo A30D Transmission Parts

Disassembled parts, some will be re-used as it was only the hydraulic retarder that was faulty.

Bare Casing

Bare casing ready for cleaning and assembly.

We will be bringing you more next week! If you want to find out more about our Workshop please visit our website.

Plant Repair & Service

International BTD20 Crawler Restoration – Week 6

March 9, 2010

Week 6 of the restoration and the BTD20 is coming along! We had a nice surprise when we found that the flywheel is still in good condition.

BTD20 Clutch Pressure Plate

Removing clutch pressure plate to enable access to front of gear-box.

Dismantling BTD20 Gear-box

Eamon Pell starting to dismantle front of gear-box. Flywheel can be seen in good condition.

Tomorrow we will be sharing an insight into what else happens in the Walker Plant workshop!

International BTD20 Crawler Restoration – Week 5

March 1, 2010

It’s been a bustling hive of activity at Walker Plant Head Quarters so not much of the restoration done this week, but it’s amazing what can be achieved in an afternoon!

BTD20 Restoration

Eamon Pell working hard, in driving rain, removing the ‘Top Shaft’ from Donor tractor gear box

Pinion shaft removed at long last and, although a bit rusty, is found to be in good condition.

That’s all for week 5! I know we keep saying how busy we are in the Walker Plant workshop and it’s all a bit mysterious, but our workshop manager has agreed to share some of the other projects on “newer” machines that we currently have ongoing! He’s gone into the workshop armed with a digital camera and will hopefully come back with some very interesting stuff next week…