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International BTD20 Crawler Restoration – Week 12

April 27, 2010

Another week where most of the work done isn’t well documented! But we hope you enjoy what we did manage to capture!

hamworthy hydraulic pump

Hamworthy hydraulic pump refitted after re-sealing and end-plates have been skimmed.

Sprocket assembly

Sprocket assembly all fitted and ready for track frame to be fastened on.

hole repairs

Tractor was retro-fitted with a different type of exhaust manifold and here we see repairs to the hole that was cut in the bonnet to take the replacement silencer.

bonnet repairs

A different type of steering oil reservoir had been fitted in the past and here we see repairs to the old ‘butchered’ bonnet hole (which had been badly cut octagonally with a chisel!)

final drive and sprocket assembly

All final drive and sprocket work completed and just awaiting track tension.

We’ll keep trying to document each stage of the restoration and will have more pictures next week!

International BTD20 Crawler Restoration – Week 11 Update

April 23, 2010

We’re on a roll this week and can’t seem to stop working on the restoration project!

Sprocket Hub

‘Rattling’ some heavy rust off the sprocket hub

Sprocket on hub

Pressing sprocket on to the hub

hub flange

Settling the new sprocket on the hub flange and seating the studs

hub assembly

New sprocket and hub assembly ready for installation

Manufactured bellows seal

Unfortunately we couldn’t source a new ‘Bellows seal’  so manufactured this one out of flexible ‘Butyl rubber’, a) to behave like a bellows seal, and b) to resist oil degradation

A good productive week! Come back next week to see if we have managed  to keep the momentum up!

Away to Switzerland in a Curtain-Sider!

April 21, 2010

Volvo A25C in curtain-sider

We sold this Volvo A25c to a contractor in Switzerland, hopefully the first of many!

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International BTD20 Crawler Restoration – Week 11

April 20, 2010

Despite the unusual British heat wave and the temptation to spend the week sunbathing, we have managed to get a bit more work done on the BTD20 this week!

BTD20 Seals

The bellows seal, now in two pieces, was letting oil out of the right final drive (damaged by ingress of wire fencing) – a pattern or suitable material will probably take some finding!

BTD20 Dirt Protector

Dirt protector will need repairing.

BTD20 Leather Seal

Leather seal undamaged and to be used again.

BTD20 Leather Seal

The leather seal that was thought to be the culprit for F/D leak. Good enough to be used again.

Pallet of parts

Pallet of bits made ready for paint shop.

The hunt for the bellows seal replacement will continue and we will have more pictures of the restoration next week!

International BTD20 Crawler Restoration – Weeks 9 & 10

April 6, 2010

A lot has been done these past two weeks, but unfortunately not many photos of the re-assembly.  We were very dirty (for camera) and engrossed in the job!

BTD20 Gearbox and clutch

Suffice to say the gearbox and clutch are all put back together and work fine.  Not many nuts and bolts went missing and no parts were spare afterwards! Of particular note; no flesh was wounded and no swearing took place!!

Unused BTD20 Drive Sprocket

A stroke of luck happened the other day when I managed to acquire an old but unused drive sprocket. This will replace the worn one that we have to take off anyway, to replace a damaged oil seal in the right final drive.

Well we would like to stand and admire all our hard work, but there isn’t time as we still have plenty to do! More to come next week!