International BTD20 Crawler Restoration – Week 11 Update

We’re on a roll this week and can’t seem to stop working on the restoration project!

Sprocket Hub

‘Rattling’ some heavy rust off the sprocket hub

Sprocket on hub

Pressing sprocket on to the hub

hub flange

Settling the new sprocket on the hub flange and seating the studs

hub assembly

New sprocket and hub assembly ready for installation

Manufactured bellows seal

Unfortunately we couldn’t source a new ‘Bellows seal’  so manufactured this one out of flexible ‘Butyl rubber’, a) to behave like a bellows seal, and b) to resist oil degradation

A good productive week! Come back next week to see if we have managed  to keep the momentum up!


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2 Responses to “International BTD20 Crawler Restoration – Week 11 Update”

  1. Ray Richards Says:

    Just wondering if anyone can tell me the size and thread of bolts that hold the stabilizer to the track adjuster?

  2. johnwalkerplant Says:

    Apologies for the delay, I have been away. Please submit a detailed sketch or drawing to my email address: I will then let you know the thread sizes. Regards John

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