International BTD20 Crawler Restoration – Week 12

Another week where most of the work done isn’t well documented! But we hope you enjoy what we did manage to capture!

hamworthy hydraulic pump

Hamworthy hydraulic pump refitted after re-sealing and end-plates have been skimmed.

Sprocket assembly

Sprocket assembly all fitted and ready for track frame to be fastened on.

hole repairs

Tractor was retro-fitted with a different type of exhaust manifold and here we see repairs to the hole that was cut in the bonnet to take the replacement silencer.

bonnet repairs

A different type of steering oil reservoir had been fitted in the past and here we see repairs to the old ‘butchered’ bonnet hole (which had been badly cut octagonally with a chisel!)

final drive and sprocket assembly

All final drive and sprocket work completed and just awaiting track tension.

We’ll keep trying to document each stage of the restoration and will have more pictures next week!


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One Response to “International BTD20 Crawler Restoration – Week 12”

  1. Roger GIRAUD Says:

    I also have a BTD 20. I look for tile caterpillars of this model can help me.
    bests regards

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