International BTD20 Crawler Restoration – Week 14

We’re a little bit┬ápleased with ourselves this week, the BTD20 is looking great (if we do say so ourselves!) and is very nearly complete!

BTD20 waiting to be sandblasted

The start of an arduous job of sand-blasting, to clean off old paint and rust.

Blast cleaning completed

Blast cleaning completed and awaiting the paint shop.

Coat of primer

A good coat of primer – finished and waiting to dry.

BTD20 Top Coat

Top coat applied and waiting to cure. The tracks and running-gear were painted whilst jacked up, in gear and engine running, this helped us apply paint to all the awkward areas. We think a very good job was done without a total disassembly.

We now need to put all the accessories back on the tractor and should be finished by next week (including specially made decals).


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2 Responses to “International BTD20 Crawler Restoration – Week 14”

  1. Roger GIRAUD Says:

    Congratulations for your work a real pro. I too have a BTD 20 recently, and I would also like to restore it, but a bit later, I work at the moment and we are delighted with a bulldozer.
    I’m looking for track shoes can you help me, you know an address.
    Bests regards

  2. walkerplant Says:

    Hi Rodger,

    Thank you we’re very pleased with the BTD20. You will have to share some pictures of your BTD20 when you do restore it! I will ask John to email you about the track shoes!

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