The International TD14a Has Arrived!

Above is a International TD14a arriving from Aurora, Oregon, USA.  (mentioned a few weeks ago on our blog)  The tractor was purchased on 13th July, was delivered to the port of Tacoma on 4th August and sailed on 11th August.  The ship delivered cargo to Bremerhaven and Antwerp before dropping off at Southampton with the TD14a on 19th September.

Here it is being unloaded at 7.30 in the evening of 22nd September in our yard.  The tractor was in much better condition than expected, photographs only showed us the cosmetic condition, but we were very happy to receive a machine in ‘nearly-new’ mechanical condition – a first for us!

The above pictures were taken the next day after we had washed all the dust and salt stains off.  Hopefully the tractor will be seen at ploughing matches just after Christmas.

We are indebted to Paul Singer Jnr. Aurora, for his honest description and the care and attention to packing spare parts, muffler and various manuals.  Paul and his family owned this tractor from nearly new.  Upon acquisition, from his father, he decided to re-track it and make it fit for work.  Subsequently he decided to buy a 4 wheel-drive tractor and never used the TD14a for farming again.  When he retired he decided to undertake a full restoration and the tractor was seen at many farm shows in the surrounding area.  In November 2004 it was featured on the front cover of Red Power Magazine.


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4 Responses to “The International TD14a Has Arrived!”

  1. Gale Clemenson Says:

    Paul Singer Jr is an old friend of ours, having known him the early 1960’s. He’s one of the nicest guy you’ll every meet. He and I have lunch together from time to time and we’ll sure be discussing your recent acquisition. I’m so pleased that you were able to acquire his nicely restored IH tractor. I visited him while it was being restored and know that he took a lot of care in its restoration. I’m sure you appreciate his efforts.

    Best wishes to you and the new good home for the tractor. Hope we can from time to time see it in action on your website. When a major activity involving his old tractor is forthcoming, you could let him know and maybe we can prompt him to come watch the action in person. I don’t think he’s every been to your part of the world and it could be quite a nice experience for him.

    Gale & Lora Clemenson

  2. John Walker Says:

    Hi Gale and Lora. Thank you for your kind comments. Its funny really, we haven’t met Paul yet, but its as though we’ve known him for years. We suspect that is because of the interesting correspondence we’ve had whilst concluding the deal (which started sometime early June!) We will keep in touch with Paul and he will be invited to one of our shows in August next year, with a promise to let him drive it. Keep watching our site and hopefully you will soon see the tractor in action. Regards John & Nick Walker.

  3. Colin James Says:

    Hello we too have a international TD14. Would you know if any one would be interested in buying it. It is not working, and we live in New Zealnd.


    Colin James

    • John Walker Says:

      Hi Colin. Yes the tractor would be of interest to a collector. The tractor would be worth between £1000 and £3000 in the UK, depending what is wrong with it. However, I doubt you would get a buyer from the UK due to shipping costs. Unfortunately IH parts of that era are now obsolete and difficult to find. If you don’t want to restore it yourself, maybe advertise it on Ebay or some such site. Good luck, regards John
      PS. What part of NZ are you? PM me on

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