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International TD9 Transformation

July 11, 2012

Our TD9 is now back from the paint shop and we think it has been an incredible transformation from the junk contender that it was.

Sitting proud with new decals.

Radiator cover and side panels fitted.

These hand grips may be a temporary measure. The Komatsu grips were the nearest we could find, brought over from America by good friend Paul Singer (who sold us our TD14a). If we can find the correct hand grips or have some made, they will be changed.

TD9 taking pride-of-place in our Red Power fleet but still awaiting repaired front emblem and arm rests.

International TD24 Update

July 10, 2012

An update on the International TD24 restoration project.

Final drive assembled with new sprocket drive carrier and new sprocket, bearings and seals fitted. We waited a long time to discover the whereabouts of these (in USA) and the shipping costs were nearly as much as the parts! Unfortunately the rarity and the fact spares have long been obsolete is a stalling factor with this restoration. With scrap prices being extraordinarily high and demand for TD24 used parts being extremely low, all my contacts in the States have reluctantly let them go to make Chinese razor blades!

At last, we have found some serviceable track chains! These were discovered on the east coast of Italy, they might look a bit rough but the wear is minimal and will suffice for demonstration work.

Having removed the sump to investigate oil loss at the seal, we found that someone has not replaced the cotter pins on the big-end and main bearing cap nuts and we found that the leak was due to replacing the sump without a gasket.

The damage to both front idler shafts and bearings was so bad we decided to cheat a little and replace with home-made shaft and bushings.

Assembly now finished and ready to fit.

The idler yokes were also badly damaged and this image shows how we fabricated new ends to carry the shafts.

International TD9 Rescue

July 3, 2012

We were tempted to purchase this IH TD9 to save it from the scrap-man. We thought it was cheap at the time but there were a lot of parts missing with badly corroded and damaged tin-work. Here is the progress so far.


Not much left of the fenders!

Not much remains of the back-end, and the steering clutch department was almost empty!

This bonnet was typical of the condition of the body-work.

As we progressed through the transmission it was apparent quite a lot of damage was present.

The one remaining steering clutch was badly corroded and it took ages to dismantle, we managed to find new friction discs in the USA.

The brake drum and steel clutch discs have cleaned up quite well with blast cleaning.

 All that remains of the side panels – it was difficult to get an accurate template to manufacture new.

First fix. We assembled the new panels and diesel tank to be sure that they all mated together properly. Was then disassembled in readiness for painting.

Volvo L220 Overhaul Update

July 3, 2012

We had completed the bulk of the work on this shovel, when we undertook a large service before delivery.

An oil change from the rear differential revealed it was badly contaminated with steel and a test drive around the yard confirmed our suspicion that there was unacceptable wear.

We are refurbishing the unit to our customer’s instruction. Pictures show some of the wear.