Volvo / CAT Conversion

Back in October 2016, we were asked by one of our customers to quote for some engine rebuild parts to suit a TD73KCE engine in a Volvo A25C dump-truck over in Kenya. Upon closer inspection, he discovered that there were problems with the engine block, and decided that a repair would not be viable.

Unfortunately, we did not have any suitable replacement engines at that time. Our contact Piers decided to look for a more common lorry engine, or something similar, that he could source locally to replace his failed TD73. In the meantime, we continued to quote parts for elsewhere on the vehicle.

A few weeks later, an email arrived informing us that the TD73 had now been replaced, with a 225hp Caterpillar 3306DI no less. Piers described how “it was a mission to couple the Volvo PTO housing to the CAT”, but that this goal had been achieved.

Piers was understandably pleased with himself, and with the improved performance, “The CAT engine is 10.5 LTR and does not have to build the boost like the Volvo before it dishes out torque”. He acknowledges that the modification is not necessarily aesthetically pleasing, but has high hopes for a future conversion, saying “As you can see there is a bit of heath robinson engineering on it but I was not prepared to sink a load into it if I did not know if it would work. The next one will come out like it was factory!!”

Well, Piers, we look forward to seeing the next conversion.

Walker Plant Services.

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