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Volvo / CAT Conversion

December 19, 2016

Back in October 2016, we were asked by one of our customers to quote for some engine rebuild parts to suit a TD73KCE engine in a Volvo A25C dump-truck over in Kenya. Upon closer inspection, he discovered that there were problems with the engine block, and decided that a repair would not be viable.

Unfortunately, we did not have any suitable replacement engines at that time. Our contact Piers decided to look for a more common lorry engine, or something similar, that he could source locally to replace his failed TD73. In the meantime, we continued to quote parts for elsewhere on the vehicle.

A few weeks later, an email arrived informing us that the TD73 had now been replaced, with a 225hp Caterpillar 3306DI no less. Piers described how “it was a mission to couple the Volvo PTO housing to the CAT”, but that this goal had been achieved.

Piers was understandably pleased with himself, and with the improved performance, “The CAT engine is 10.5 LTR and does not have to build the boost like the Volvo before it dishes out torque”. He acknowledges that the modification is not necessarily aesthetically pleasing, but has high hopes for a future conversion, saying “As you can see there is a bit of heath robinson engineering on it but I was not prepared to sink a load into it if I did not know if it would work. The next one will come out like it was factory!!”

Well, Piers, we look forward to seeing the next conversion.

Walker Plant Services.

Notts NVTEC Tractor & Engine Working Weekend

August 28, 2013

A fantastic ‘Working Weekend’ was had at Babworth, near Retford courtesy of Joseph Camm Farms Ltd and organised by the Notts Group of the National Vintage Tractor & Engine Club. More land was made available and there was a good turn-out.

TD18 International Crawler

John with his ‘Old Faithfull’ TD18 and Fowler heavy cultivator heading for the field area.

TD14a International

Friend of the family acquiring skills on the TD14a.

Ex Milittary TD18

We did some repairs to this Ex military TD18 for a friend and brought it to the show to check it out – it went well, apart from a starting problem.

Working Weekend

Time for a well-earned rest with beer and ‘burgers!

John and Nick took 7 of their International Crawlers, 3 ploughs and a couple of cultivators. It was the first time they managed to get the two Ransomes ploughs to pull together properly. Although the tandem arrangement was designed for the International TD24, the soil was light enough for the BTD20 to pull it.


The tandem ploughs follow each other nicely.

BTD20 Pulling tandem Ransomes

Nick with International BTD20 pulling tandem Ransomes 6 furrow TS69 with SCN bodies and NO skimmers.

Cat D4, Plough, Vintage

Nick negotiating around some other ploughmen. Paul Badger’s nicely restored Cat D4 in the centre of the picture.


Nick and the Mighty TD24 making their way to the parade ring.

Many thanks to Robert Nicholls and Peacock & Binnington for their help getting a trailer full of ploughs to the event with this Mighty Massey, but we couldn’t let him go home without trying the ploughs.  Without weight transfer, the tyres just can’t get sufficient grip. This Massey 7624 had plenty of power but was beginning to loose traction, despite lots of front-end weight. However, he was able to keep going and put up a commendable performance.

Mighty Massey

Many thanks to Robert Nicholls and Peacock & Binnington

Finally thank you to Julie Badger for providing some of the photos for this blog post!

Celebrations at Walker Plant!

May 28, 2013

We have just celebrated the 70th birthday of our one-time Managing Director, John Walker. He tells us it’s been a struggle to remain sensible and teetotal for so many years! Now he is happy to relax and enjoy the rest of his years.

Thanks go to all the staff who went to so much trouble to remind him just how old/young he is and he thanks them for all the kind comments and gifts they gave him. There have been so many wishes for the future and John thanks all those who contributed to a fantastic and memorable day on 19th May. The celebrations were delayed for a week due to John and his wife, Gill, holidaying in Portugal where they celebrated on the 12th, so in fact, not unlike the Queen, he had an official birthday and a regular one!

TD14A cake

John has asked that we show a picture of the fantastic replica birthday cake of one of his favourite tractors – an International Harvester TD14a. This cake was unbelievably true to life, so-much-so, it is worthy of being featured in this blog. The cake was designed and made by a relative in Northamptonshire (see Little Wish Cakes and Cards on Facebook) she excelled herself as she does with all that she undertakes. A big thank you to Louise!

TD14A Cake

TD14a Cake complete with chocolate mud and John’s trademark hat.

International TD14A cake

What all operators dread – a track has come off (eaten)!

Fame at Last!

January 8, 2011

BTD20 on Classic Plant Front Page

John Walker working, for the first time since restoration, his international BTD20 at Paul Badger’s East Midlands Working Weekend at Desborough, Northampton.

Winter at Walker Plant

January 4, 2011

Winter sets in at Whinleys Farm – just like everywhere else, but work carried on regardless.

Snow at Whinleys Farm

Like much of the UK, Walker Plant experienced record snow fall during December 2010. 

Snow at Walker Plant

The workshops remained open throughout the cold snap.

2ft of snow on table

The above picture demonstrates well how deep the snow was.  Fortunately the snow didn’t spoil the ‘working day’ at Farnsfield – pictures to come later this week!

One Tractor We Don’t Want To Restore!

July 23, 2010

When we spotted this tractor on Modern Mechanix we were unsure whether to laugh or be terrified!

Tractor Ferry

This 1935 Caterpillar Tractor ferried passengers from Bigbury, Devonshire to the Burgh Islands.  Obviously health and Safety was very different back then! Surprisingly they did restore the third generation sea tractor designed in 1969.

Bigbury-on-sea tractor

Photo by: Jolly Janner

This more robust looking version is still used today to take passengers to and from the Burgh Island Hotel and is the only one of its kind in the whole world.

See the original 1935 article (and novel grammar) at the Modern Mechanix Blog

Tractor Pulling

January 15, 2010

As it’s Friday… we decided to share something a bit more light hearted, so here a few pictures of tractor pulling that made us smile 🙂

Tractor Pulling

Tractor Pulling

Tractor Pulling