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Muck-Shift Working Weekend

June 30, 2011

On the 18th and 19th June we attended a ‘Muck-shift working weekend’ at a site near Lutterworth, organised by Paul Badger for the Caterpillar owners LINK Club. We had to re-profile a 4×4 course.  The site was awkward in that the haul routes were short and the turns were tight, as we found out with our tracks trying to come off!

International TD18 with Onions Empire Scaper

‘Tight fit!’ Our International TD18  and Onions Empire Scraper.

International TD18

Our TD18 filling the box in one of the cuts.

International TD18

Nearly full and heading for the fill area.

Cat DC6

Being push loaded with Paul Badger’s nicely turned out Cat D6c.

Cat 983

The mammoth of Traxcavators – Andy Davies’ Cat 983 in fine form.

Cat 75

Nicely restored Cat 75, owned by Arthur Hinch, approx mid to early 1930s.

Cat D9g

Another big one is this Cat D9g belonging to Terry Barnsley, at the time it was Caterpillar’s biggest production machine.

Workshop in Action: Caterpillar 980G Repair

August 25, 2010

This week we are attending to some faults on a Caterpillar 980G loading shovel.  The hitch bearings are badly worn and we have to ‘line-bore’ the trunion plates to accept our manufactured weld-in bushes.  When this is finished the replaceable bushes and bearings can be fitted.  All-in-all a time-consuming and expensive repair, this could have been avoided with a more diligent maintainance regime.

Cat 980G loading shovel

Cab removed and inspecting damage.

line boring tool

Setting up line boring tool.

steel swarf

Steel swarf details the amount of steel removed.

Machine should be ready by the end of the week, following refurbishment of the loader frame quick-release latch.

One Tractor We Don’t Want To Restore!

July 23, 2010

When we spotted this tractor on Modern Mechanix we were unsure whether to laugh or be terrified!

Tractor Ferry

This 1935 Caterpillar Tractor ferried passengers from Bigbury, Devonshire to the Burgh Islands.  Obviously health and Safety was very different back then! Surprisingly they did restore the third generation sea tractor designed in 1969.

Bigbury-on-sea tractor

Photo by: Jolly Janner

This more robust looking version is still used today to take passengers to and from the Burgh Island Hotel and is the only one of its kind in the whole world.

See the original 1935 article (and novel grammar) at the Modern Mechanix Blog